Mission Statement

The National Association for Year-Round Education is a non-profit organization that promotes the concept of year-round education by providing leadership and service to individuals and organizations on all aspects of time and learning.  As the chief repository of information, it serves as a clearinghouse for information on year-round education (YRE).  The association encourages research, produces publications, provides consultants to schools and districts, and conducts yearly conferences regionally and nationally to provide the most up-to-date information available to educators and community members.

What is Year-Round education?

Year-round education centers on reorganizing the school year to provide more continuous learning by breaking up the long summer vacation into shorter, more frequent vacations throughout the year.  It does not eliminate the summer vacation, but reduces it and redistributes it as vacation or intersession time during the school year.  Students attending a year-round school go to the same classes and receive the same instruction as students on a traditional calendar.  The year-round calendar is organized into instructional periods and vacation weeks that are more evenly balanced across 12 months than the traditional school calendar.  The balanced calendar minimizes the learning loss that occurs during a typical three-month summer vacation.